Missing Karachi girl Dua Zehra’s video statement emerges

Dua Zehra

Missing Karachi girl Dua Zehra’s video statement emerges

All the three girls who went missing from Karachi have been found in Punjab; all of them have tied the knot

LAHORE: Missing Karachi girl Dua Zehra has now finally been found from Pakpattan by the police and has claimed in a video statement that she is not a minor and married of her own will.In the statement, Dua Zehra said she came to Lahore and tied the knot with Zaheer Ahmed and living happily.

“I was not kidnapped. I left home because my family wanted me to marry someone else against my will and did not bring any precious thing with me.”

She said that her father shared her age wrong and claimed that she was tortured by her family. “I am not 14. I am an adult, my age is 18.”

Confirming her nikkah, Dua Zehra said that she married Zaheer Ahmed and requested not to be harassed.

According to sources, the police have taken the couple into custody from Pakpattan from the home of the groom’s uncle. They were presented before a local court where the girl filed a petition against harassment, the sources said. The girl also filed an affidavit in favour of her husband and confirmed that her nikkah was solemnised on April 17.


Couple got into contact through video game

Meanwhile, Dua’s father, in a press conference, said that her daughter got into contact with the boy through a video game.

He denied her claims questioning how his daughter could be 18 years old when he had not even been married for 18 years.

Mehdi Ali Kazmi said he was married on May 7, 2005 and he has Dua’s birth certificate with April 27, 2008 as her date of birth.

He demanded the authorities bring Dua back to them or shift her to a child protection centre. He also demanded a thorough investigation into the matter.

“I request Sindh inspector general, and Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to bring my daughter back. I fully trust the child protection bureau […] hand the girl over to them.

“My daughter is saying what she is told to say. […] The boy trapped my daughter through the in-game messaging system,” Kazmi said.

Moreover, Dua’s mother said that as a lawyer’s daughter she has aware enough to know that the marriage certificate is not legal.

“The nikahnama does not have the seal of the person who solemnised the marriage,” she said.

The person whose name is written on the marriage certificate has also refuted reports of solemnising the marriage, she added.

Dua’s mother expressed concern that her daughter might have been blackmailed through a video.

The legal side of the case

Dua Zehra went missing from her Karachi home in the Golden Town area of Malir on April 16 after which the family had filed an FIR.

The police launched investigations into the matter which got hype on social media. The FIA was also involved in the matter after it emerged that the girl was browsing the internet to look for court marriage and other related things.

The matter took a twist on Monday when it emerged that she was in Punjab and got married.

The family had said that Dua Zehra turned 14 a few days ago but she claimed that she is an adult.

Other mmissing girls

Dua Zehra is one of the three girls who went missing from Karachi during the past couple of weeks and all of them have been found married in Punjab cities.

Nimra Kazmi, aged 15-16, went missing on April 20 and was found in Dera Ghazi Khan while 25-year old Deenar, a resident of Soldier Bazaar, has also been recovered from Vehari. Both of them have tied the knot.

If the families’ claims regarding Dua and Zehra’s age are true, those who have ‘married’ them and their abettors are liable to face criminal proceedings over child marriage.

Kazmi is 18 according to her marriage document, but her age was mentioned to be around 15 and 16 in the case registered by her mother at the Saudabad police station.

“My name is Nimra Kazmi and my father’s name is Nadeem Kazmi. No one has kidnapped me. I came here on April 17 and married Najeeb Shahrukh on April 18. I have requested the media to remove all my videos and photos,” Nimra said in the video statement.

Her account, however, contradicts the version of her mother Nargis Nadeem Syed, a lady health worker, who told the Saudabad police that she went missing on April 20.

She was traced in Dera Ghazi Khan where she was found to have married a man, Najeeb Shahrukh, according to the Nikah Nama and court documents obtained by The News.

Meanwhile, the brother of Deenar has withdrawn the case after it emerged that she married of her own will with a boy named Asad Abbas.

A CCTV video of Deenar leaving her Soldier Bazaar’s house has also come to light in which she can be seen walking out of the residential flats. In April 22 video, it can be seen that Dinar is wearing a face mask.

The family had mentioned the same date of her disappearance.

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