Abdul Kareem Kolachi among dozens others kidnapped through female enticing

Abdul Kareem Kolachi

Abdul Kareem Kolachi among dozens others kidnapped through female enticing

Sukkur: As reported on local media and social media, there are dozens of people especially young and middle aged who have been kidnapped from different areas of Sindh and kept hostage in the areas of Rawanti (District Ghotki) and Badani (District Kashmore).

Atleast more than two dozen people have been kidnapped through female enticing by using either female voice or voice-changers to lure them.

One ssuch case of female enticing tempted Abdul Kareem Kolachi, who is resident of Village Saifal Khan Kolachi, Ghotki and used to work in a yarn mill in Korangi, Karachi. He is missing for more than a week as reported by his father Abbas Kolachi, who is a retired employee. An FIR was lodged by Kareem’s brother Waseem Kolachi at Malir, Police Station on second day of the information.

SSPs of both Ghotki and Kashmore have been requested by the family of Kareem but to no avail. Police has been informed that the kidnappers have contacted the father and other relatives of Abdul Kareem and demanded Rs. 500000, Kareem’s father told. Abbas Kolachi said, they are incapable of fulfillment of the demand of kidnappers as he has to feed a large family on a meagre amount of pension and lacks any additional resources.

Sources iinformed that Kareem is not the only victim of female enticing and kidnapping. Atleast, more than two dozens of people are kidnapped and kept hostages in areas of Ghotki and Kashmore districts of Sindh.

Surprisingly, no action from the concerned Police authorities have been taken against the kidnappers and no police raid against the culprits have been reported during the last few weeks.

The Eid-ul-Fitr is approaching next week but the families of the kidnapped people are not sure of the release of their loved ones from the kidnappers

Appropriate and immediate action is required from the SSPs of both Ghotki and Kashmore Districts to get the kidnapped people released and give relief to their families

One thought on “Abdul Kareem Kolachi among dozens others kidnapped through female enticing

  • April 25, 2022 at 4:21 am

    Unfortunately we are living in a society where rapid justice is not been given to poor people. We as a kolachi family are hoping that Abdul kareem will comeback his home safely amen.


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